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Venus Flytrap


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Growing Your Own


To begin one can purchase seeds or a baby plant from a plant nursery or a store such as Home Depot. The plant should be grown in bright sunlight but not directly in the sun. A warm and humid environment, with a constant supply of moisture is ideal. These plants are sensitive to chemicals, so one should use distilled or rain water. If it is absolutely necessary to use tap water, allow it to set for 1 to 2 days in an open container so chlorine and other chemicals can dissipate.

Venus FlyTraps have an active growing and feeding during the summer. During this period the soil should be kept constantly damp. Temperatures should be kept between 70 and 95 degrees F.

During the winter, they require a dormant period of about three months. At this time, most of the foliage will die back. The entire plant should be moved to an area where the temperature will remain at 45-50 degrees F.

Fly Traps will consume 2 or 3 flies each month. You can also purchase small crickets at a local pet shop as food. Dead flies and insects may be used, provided that they died of natural causes and not by poisons.

Artificially springing the trap, (poking it with your finger), drains the plant's energy. If this is done too often, the trap head will become less sensitive and possibly die.

Always keep dead leaves and heads cut off to prevent fungal infections.
(Garden Helper, 2000)